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BBC World News with journalist Mishal Husain “East Asia News Programme: Impact” (14:30 broadcast on Monday 22nd July, 2013)

Interview about my PhD in Ethnomusicology, entitled "Tango in Japan" in the "Dance Today" magazine U.K!
私の博士研究「Tango in Japan: Digesting and Disciplining a Distant Music」についてのインタビューが、英国 "Dance Today" 紙に掲載されました!


Yuiko Asaba research seminar "Lunfardo: The Slang of Tango" ・麻場 友姫胡 研究セミナー「タンゴの俗語(スラング):ルンファルド」

20th February 2013 5.30pm WIN005 "Windsor Building", Royal Holloway University of London

Yuiko Asaba, PhD candidate in the Music Department of Royal Holloway University of London, will present:

The lecture will be followed by a live performance of tango on violin, voice and accordion:
Yuiko Asaba – violin and voice
Dr. ShzrEe Tan – accordion (Lecturer, Music department of Royal Holloway University london)

This Research Seminar is organised by the "School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures", Royal Holloway University of London.
ALL WELCOME! For more information, please visit : Yuiko Asaba research seminar"Lunfardo:the Slang of Tango"

詳細は、こちらです→麻場 友姫胡 研究セミナー「タンゴの俗語(スラング):ルンファルド」

A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!! 新年明けましておめでとうございます!


昨年は私、麻場 友姫胡にとって大きな変化の年でした。アルゼンチンでレコーディングを行った私の初CDアルバム「Historia del Tango…y Yo(タンゴの歴史・・・と私)」(☆バイオリン奏者&歌手として収録☆)がリリースされ、「レコード芸術」等にて絶賛して頂くなど、本当に光栄な「歴史」の年となりました。また、プロのタンゴ歌手としてオルケスタ・アストロリコ20周年記念コンサートにて歌い、同コンサートでバイオリン奏者も務めさせて頂くなど、タンゴ歌手としての一歩を踏み出しました。

A Happy New Year 2013!
The year 2012 was a ‘historical’ year for me, as I saw the release of my first CD album “Historica del Tango… y Yo (History of Tango…and I)”, and I felt very honoured to have won much critical acclaim both from Latin American and Classical Music critiques in Japan. In July last year, I made my debut as a solo singer at the 20th Anniversary Concert of Tango Orchestra Astrorico in Japan, for which I also performed as the violinist. In September, I commenced my PhD degree in ethnomusicology to undertake research on tango music at Royal Holloway University of London in the UK. In November, I was delighted to give a Tango Workshop to the 1st year undergraduate students. More exciting presentations and concerts lined up in 2013, which I will continue to communicate with you all through my Blog! May this year be full of joy and inspiration for you all!

英国から、愛を込めて〜 From England, with Love


I still can't believe that I am back in my beloved England again.
But I remember, when I first arrived in this country back when I was 13, the air was full of Autumn aroma - just like today, just like this afternoon :)

しばらく、お別れ。No.1 ~ I'll be seeing you :) No.1

麻場友姫胡 新CD「タンゴの歴史・・・と私」好評発売中!
Yuiko Asaba CD Album
New CD Available Online ! →Yuiko Asaba "Historia del Tango...y Yo"


From one of my students at the music school in Kyoto:)

Farewell for awhile :)



Saying a little farewell to the nearly three years that I spent in Japan :)
And a new beginning at the new place